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Troy Bank & Trust Preps Business Owners For Tax Season

Troy Bank & Trust Preps Business Owners for Tax Season

Small or large, local or national, running a business requires admirable focus and energy. Some of the best business owners, however, are able to keep their eye on both operations and finances at the same time. This is particularly true when it comes to tax season and preparing your business’ taxes. Lucky for you, as a customer of Troy Bank & Trust, business owners receive the assistance they need to ensure you’re prepared for tax season. 

Step One Is Awareness

We get it. As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in operations, whether day-to-day or long-term ambitions, and overlook accounting and banking. But as a local independent bank, we combine our superior customer service and advanced banking to make sure tax season is less of a burden and more of an opportunity for you to maximize savings and cash flow. 

Tax Season Alerts

This starts with awareness. Troy Bank & Trust alerts business owners to a broad range of actions, from security measures to notifications regarding significant dates and events, such as tax season. Through our mobile banking app, business owners are kept apprised of important dates and documents. 

Working with a Professional

Furthermore, we encourage businesses to seek guidance with their taxes. Working with a professional accountant—preferably a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)—can make the difference between maximized savings from items such as deductions, depreciation, and tax credits, and errors that cause headaches in the long run.

Many businesses took advantage of government stimulus programs throughout 2021. Though helpful, if not outright life-saving for your business, the Paycheck Protection Program and Employee Retention Tax Credit have made taxes all the more complicated this year. The added cost of working with a CPA is a mere fraction of what you stand to lose by going it alone.  

Making Tax Season A Breeze

As mentioned earlier, most business owners spend most of their days preoccupied with operations. Your main goal is to strengthen and grow the business. Keeping your eye on finances most often means ensuring that you retain a reliable accounting department—and that they have easy and efficient access to financial records and information. 

Troy Bank & Trust makes access to all your banking information a breeze. Our banking app capabilities offer instant access to all statements, from business savings accounts to lines of credit and other credit facilities. 

Troy Bank & Trust offers business owners a way to invest in capital markets through our partnership with Henderson Wealth Management. Businesses that invest capital in cash-like assets (such as short-term treasuries) or in other businesses (such as stocks, bonds, or private equity) must reflect this activity in their tax filings. Troy Bank and Henderson make it easy for you to get the information you need come tax season. 

The Best Customer Service in Banking

As a local independent bank, Troy Bank & Trust provides all the same tools that big box banks boast in sleek ads. We maintain pace with all the latest in banking tech. And, we maintain what big box banks don’t: customer service.

When preparing your taxes, it’s vital to work with a bank that answers when you call, email, or reach out in any fashion. Our customers don’t spend hours waiting on hold or for callbacks. They don’t wait weeks, or even months, for basic information because of backlogs in processing. Troy Bank & Trust has remained a local independent bank because that’s what we believe best serves our customers and the community at large. 

Preparing your business’ taxes is challenging enough as it is. We make things easier by providing everything you need, precisely when you need it. Rest assured, as a business owner, you can rely on Troy Bank & Trust come tax season. 

Troy Bank & Trust wants to help you with your taxes

As a local independent bank, banking with us means you’re also helping your local economy. We make your banking experience more accessible. Allow us to help you with your checking and savings needs. While giving you the peace of mind that planning for your loved ones brings. After all, we are “the only bank you’ll ever need.” For more information on working with us for your business needs, visit Troy Bank & Trust here, or reach out to us by phone at 334-566-4000 or 888-258-8769.