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The Top Five Reasons To Work With A Local Independent Bank

The top five reasons to work with a local independent bank

Big tech companies have built incredible products, platforms, and services. In many ways they are largely responsible for pulling us into the future. But with size comes the diminishing ability to provide more personalized service. The same goes for big box banks, whose long call times alone drive millions of customers crazy. Troy Bank & Trust, on the other hand, offers all the benefits of working with a local independent bank, plus all the sleek financial service evolutions such as Zelle and Mobile Wallet

As a valued banking customer, you shouldn’t have to put up with poor customer service. In fact, when it comes to your money, customer service should be a given. Here at Troy Bank & Trust, we offer personalized service based on longstanding relationships. Our knowledge of each customer’s goals and challenges allows us to build customized strategies for savings, businesses, and mortgage loans. Put simply, as a local independent bank, we offer more than just a place to store your money. 

Local Independent Banking Offers Personalized Services

Building A Foundation

Big box banks advertise new products and services that may or may not add value to your financial experience. What they don’t want you to know is that, as a local independent bank, Troy Bank & Trust can offer the same advanced products. And that’s not all.

Big box banks also know they can’t provide personalized services. When you call customer service, they won’t recognize you until you provide numerical identification. This robotic process leaves no room for customization, let alone building a foundation of trust. 

Local independent banks such as Troy Bank & Trust get to know you from the moment you open your first savings account. In some cases, our staff have worked with folks across Alabama that have never banked anywhere else. Imagine having an actual banking professional with whom to discuss some of your biggest life decisions, from buying your first home to investing for retirement. You won’t find these hidden services with any big box bank—only hidden fees. 

Working With Bankers—Not Bank Bots

Call up any big box bank. The first voice you hear will be computerized. 

That’s only the start. To save money and cut corners, big box banks are automating everything these days. They’re closing down branches so that the only way you can reach a representative is by asking the robot, which inevitably hangs up on you. They’re beginning to make decisions based on algorithms and artificial intelligence, leaving your mortgage agreement to a machine. 

Being nothing more than a statistic is one thing. But losing all contact with a human representative goes beyond our lowest standards for customer service here at Troy Bank & Trust. Not only do we employ humans, but as a local independent bank, we field real branch banks with actual tellers and managers. You can contact a human over the phone or meet one in person. 

This isn’t a sentimental call for quainter times. The ability to negotiate your rates should involve more than a narrow skew of FICO scores. Our staff makes objective projections based on more intimate knowledge of our customers, preserving a bank’s most effective role in any community. Lower rates come from better projections. With Troy Bank & Trust, you won’t find an extra 150 basis points added to your mortgage rate because your business hit hard times during the pandemic. 

Local Independent Banks: Efficient, Effective & Evolutionary

Lower Fees

Here’s a telling statistic: Only a third of the clients at big box banks avoided maintenance fees. That’s 13% less than clients at local independent banks. 

More importantly, our clients aren’t statistics. On an individual basis, we waive fees for those who choose to work with us more, creating a symbiotic relationship with our community. We offer overdraft options so that our clients aren’t charged for not having enough money. 

Building Communities—Not Corpocarcies 

When banking with a large, public corporation, you become a distant product rather than a valued customer. Why? Because the purpose of any large bank is to create more cash flows and dividends for the shareholders. Your savings are being reinvested at higher rates of interest than they’re offering you—called the ‘spread’. 

Big banks hold stakes in other big companies. They aren’t designed to help individual, hard-working citizens get a great rate on their first home. They’re designed to lend you money at a higher rate than they borrow from you, the product. 

A local independent bank, like ours, operates alongside the small businesses and citizens in the community. We understand the importance of mutual prosperity. Without it, the community cannot thrive, let alone survive. Troy Bank isn’t interested in speculating with customers’ savings. Our mission is to create as much value as possible among our locations across Alabama. Far from being viewed as mere products, our customers and their financial progress are representative of our own. 

Advancing Financial Services Right Alongside The Rest

Big box banks like to think that their quest for profit is justified by their superior advances in financial services and technology. The truth is that local independent banks boast the same advanced products—in service of our customers. 

Our eBanking services offer all the benefits of the modern age. Our partnership with Zelle offers clients access to flexible and instantaneous payments and transactions. Everything you need can be found or accomplished right on your phone—plus, you can always contact one of our representatives directly. 

Contrary to what big banks want you to think, local independent banks such as Troy Bank & Trust offer all the amenities of a large institution—and much, much more. Our customers know that they get more than great rates and low fees. They also get personalized service, for the rest of their lives. When it comes to your life’s work, bank with someone you can trust. 

Troy Bank & Trust wants to help you with your business financial needs

As a local independent bank, banking with us means you’re also helping your local economy, and we make your banking experience more accessible. Allow us to help you with your checking and savings needs and give you the peace of mind that planning for your loved ones brings. After all, we are “the only bank you’ll ever need.” For more information on working with us for your business needs, visit Troy Bank & Trust here, or reach out to us by phone at 334-566-4000 or 888-258-8769.